Stone carpet in

Outdoor sector

Even with temperature fluctuations

Strong temperature fluctuations, heat, cold and frost - no problem for our stone carpet made of quartz gravel or marble granulate!

RISTO® stone carpet is particularly suitable for outdoor use, e.g. on the terrace or balcony. It is frost-proof and slip-resistant.

With ceramic tiles, there is a risk that capillary water will get under the tiles through the joints and that these will then loosen and wobble in places due to frost pressure in winter or steam pressure in summer. Due to the open-pored structure of the gravel floor, water always runs off; no pools remain.

The high elasticity of our floor coverings makes them particularly attractive for outdoor use. Professionally laid, the coverings made of quartz gravel or marble granules are practically indestructible. Nothing can flake off here and there are no cracks even after years. Pure nature for your home!

Our floors are therefore particularly suitable when it comes to balcony renovation.

Terraces and balconies are constantly exposed to strong UV radiation. Therefore, we recommend the use of marble or quartz in their natural colors. For high quality finishing we use one of the best PU resins currently available in Europe.

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