Stone carpet for the

Balcony refurbishment

What good is the most beautiful floor if the subfloor is not tight?

The answer is clear: before balconies or terraces get a new floor, the substrate should be renovated. A simple coat of paint according to the motto "floor tight" is usually not enough.

And above all: the solution must be permanently effective. Cracks must not form again after a short time.

The solution for sustainably tight balconies:
  • Special primer (moisture barrier against vapor pressure).
  • Highly elastic and UV-resistant liquid film with extreme stretchability. Depending on requirements, a fabric can (should) be embedded in this layer.
  • Flooring either quartz gravel or marble granules applied with PU 230/N (polyurethane-based laying resin).

Our solution is:

  • easy and fast
  • absolutely and durably tight
  • functional and decorative
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