• Technical data

    Endproduct joints

    loose homogeneous covering, solvent-free, open-pored and slip-resistant, wheelchair-proof design possible, abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant and foot-friendly


    single-layer structure, open-pored or with pore closure


    Laying thickness: 4-6 mm
    (with grain size 1-2 or 2-3 mm)
    Laying thickness: 6-8 mm
    (with grain size 2-4 or 4-6 mm)


    Own weight 12-16 kg/m2 (2.0 kg per mm layer thickness)


    open-pored structure, plain or multicolored; natural color or can be designed by colored gravel in many "hundred" shades

    Behavior when exposed to moisture

    resistant to water, frost-proof (resistant to de-icing salt, shock), rainwater runs off through the open structure, no puddles remain

    Behavior under chemical effects

    oil and gasoline resistant, no staining, largely resistant to acids, alkalis and chemicals

    Verhalten bei Wärmeeinwirkung

    Temperature resistance from -40°C to +80°C, suitable for underfloor heating


    Compressive strength

    30.5 N/mm3

    Flexural strength

    10.0 N/mm3

    Tensile strength

    3.0 N/mm2

    Deep wear

    Vm = 171 mm3

    Adhesive bond on concrete

    1.88 N/mm2


    5.700 N/mm2

    Slip resistance

    R9/R10 (depending on grain size)

    Slip resistance

    in wet barefoot areas: A+B+C

    Fire behavior

    non-combustible with (DIN EN 13501-1: A2 FL-s1) low combustible components

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